Naughty or Nice Bedroom Behavior

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Have you been Naughty or Nice this year? I’m not just talking about your day-to-day personality. I’m talking about your bedroom behavior! Role playing in the bedroom can keep the flame lit in your relationship. It’s always good to break up the monotony, and spice things up! Like surprising your partner with only your birthday suit underneath a coat. Watch a few Youtube videos to learn a new hand job trick or massage technique.

I came across an article on Facebook that stated “Semen is ‘good for women’s health and helps fight depression’. You can read about this here. It’s all about stepping outside your comfort zone and letting the inter freak come out to play.

When it comes to setting the ambience in your bedroom try aromatherapy candles, background music, changing the linen on the bed, and having a tray of edibles. Once you have the mood set, here is when you decide to take the lead or be submissive.

You can be the  naughty girl who needs taming… when I choose this role, I like to think of dirty things to say to him. Things that I have done, how bad I have been and how I need punishment. Your punishment can come in many ways; such as spankings, a bubble bath where he washes you, and even light choking.

But, if you choose to play the nice role… you can play a schoolgirl allowing him to direct you where he wants you and cater to his every need. Undressing him, leading him to the shower to sponge bathe him, feeding him edibles, being submissive, and asking him what his fantasies are then acting them out. Either way being Naughty or Nice for Saturday Sex is sure to change-up your bedroom routine. Victoria Secret

During the holiday season you can get great deals on lingerie and sexy outfits from Victoria Secret. This will help you feel sexy and will exude in the bedroom. Now go and plan a Naughty or Nice evening with your partner, and please give us a little detail on how you planned your night. I can not wait to learn a little something something from you ladies.


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