Wednesday Wellness with Meditation

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With Christmas right around the corner are you starting to fill overwhelmed? How about completing your end of the year reports? When you start to feel like the world around is starting to close in; take a moment to Meditate. Inhale and exhale deeply to bring stillness to your mind. By doing so: will help improve your concentration for a clearer mind, less bothered by little things, better health, and making you more productive.

Meditation is about consciousness. Giving yourself the feeling of inner peace. Meditating requires practice! Taking 10 minutes each day to meditate is highly recommended. Yes it is challenging to relax our thoughts-although you can concentrate on just focusing on not thinking about your current situation and only focusing on your breathing.

Don’t get discouraged if you can’t attain a silent mind at first. It takes time and practice. Just keep in mind-it gives you a chance to just focus on you; and bring you back to center. tumblr_m2l6r5Vizx1ru1nxuo1_500


Do you practice meditation? If so how do you meditate?



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