Holiday Mistletoe

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I have never been kissed under mistletoe. Am I alone on this? Maybe it’s because I’ve never went out to a Christmas tree patch, and purchased it myself. I hardly ever decorate my home for Christmas; hints to why I’ve never been kissed under mistletoe. This year is a new year, and I’m getting kissed under a mistletoe!

Kissing under the mistletoe has been around for centuries. It’s believed, if you’re a couple and you kiss under the mistletoe, it’s interpreted as a promise to marry, as well as a prediction of happiness and long life. There are many songs about spreading love under the mistletoe such as Justin Bieber-mistletoe.

Mistletoe does not smell, so it can easily be hung up with out people noticing it. If you’re hosting a Christmas party this year for your friends and family, disguise hung mistletoe in the doorway of your front door. It’s a great way to open your front door to greet your guest with a kiss. In fact if you’re inviting that guy, you’ve had a crush on over, you can secretly get that first kiss.

Can you remember the last time you kissed under mistletoe? Was it a magical kiss that we all read about in romance novels or a kiss that you wish had never happened. Send us some of your memorable Holiday Mistletoe moments. Merry Christmasphoto(5)


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