Seductive Sensations

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Saturday sex this week is all about foreplay with food. Incorporating exotic edibles into the bedroom is very erotic. Imagine: warm honey dripping down your back slowly-causing a slight shiver in anticipation. Your partner sliding his wet tongue up and down your back, cleaning traces of sweet honey-that was filling the middle crease. The hot and cold sensations from his mouth inducing a turn on. Spreading whip cream on his chest and tip of his penis. Making circular motions with your lips and tongue-cleaning the whip cream remnants off his body. Adding delicious, juicy, and slippery food into your bedroom is sure to arouse your senses for reaching the ultimate goal of satisfaction.images (5)

Having a sense of humor is an added bonus. Granting you comfortability with yourself to explore freely. Had a busy stressful week? Relieve yourself with mind-blowing, back braking, freaky sex. Laughing at yourself quiver; as lubricated liquid touches your soft spots. Begging for him not to stop, as he tastes a peach slipping out your opening.

Over at Durex they list 7 tips for using food in the bedroom. Head on over there and take a look to formularize yourself on the do’s and don’t with using food in the bedroom. Use hashtag #SaturdaySex and share any specialties you have created with food when you’re feeling hungry for some Saturday Sex.


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