Time To Get It Right And Tight

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Raise your hand if you over indulged on fatty foods this holiday season.  I’m raising both my hands, because I went all the way in on fatty foods. Taking full advantage of saying “It’s the holidays, I’m allowed to eat this”.  I ate, and ate, and ate everything in sight. Normally, I focus on portion control with desert and starches. Not this time; I had massive amounts of food on my plate.  I’m no fitness guru. So of course I allow myself at least one day out of a week to reward myself with a treat.  If you give me chocolate, we’re either best friends now or we go together! Now you know my weakness ;).image

Being that, I’m fully aware of my desert addiction-I fight it with hard work and dedication. I work out often; and tell myself ” if you eat that bowl of ice cream, you’ll to have to do 30 more minutes of cardio”. I love cardio with limitations; I love to get it done and over with. So having to do extra cardio is not what I’ll sign myself up to do. Portion control is something I struggle with daily. If I like how it tastes on my palate, I’ll try to kill it! This is why I have to work out at least 5 days a week.image

Now that I finished the year eating wrong, it’s time for me to get it right and tight. My New Years Resolution is to lose 10 pounds. I’m going to start this year with a 5 day cleanse. I go big! It helps me push myself to limits that I thought I couldn’t achieve. If you would like to do a cleanse with me, please email me and I can send you some information. How are you planning on starting the new year?

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    […] how I’m feeling now… And enough is enough! Just like I stated before “Time to get it right and tight“. The holiday’s are over and I have a 10 pound New Years Resolution to complete. I […]

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