Bring In The New Year On A Budget

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There are quite a few party themes this year that require you to dress in a certain style. The Great Gatsby, Black and White Gala, Rolling 20’s, or Winter Wonderland are popular closing out 2013. These looks are challenging to pull off-if you’re on a budget. It doesn’t stop just at the outfit. Make-up, hair, nails, and accessories need to complete your ensemble.

Oldie but goodie dress I’ve had for a few years from H & M

How about recycling an outfit this year? Do you have a dress you worn to an event earlier this year; but didn’t get good use of it? Save a few bucks; by not getting a new dress, and spend on your accessories or other essentials. Most say “this is a no, no” when it comes to fashion. Although, not everyone can afford to buy a new outfit every time their attending a party. Why do you think people look high and low for vintage pieces? They’re once a hit and still can be worn again.

We must keep in mind: ” The clothes does not make the person, the person makes the clothes”. Feel good about yourself with what you have on, it does not matter what you’re wearing, but how you wear it! Don’t worry too much about spending so much money trying to find the perfect outfit. Focus on having fun, and looking forward to becoming the new you for 2014. Let’s be honest; most of us will barely remember parts of the night, let alone what the next hottie or not so hot chick worn.



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