New Year To Make New Changes

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Happy New Year! BreakawayBabes would like to wish everyone a prosperous year. Beginning today you have 365 days to work towards accomplishing your goals. You can’t just magically become a new person; or have situations just happen for you, because it’s a new year. You have to put in the work this year towards reaching your dreams. uber_ny_cheers

This NYE I choose not to go out and party; but, to be DD for others. I wanted to bring in this year differently then previous drunken NYE nights. I started working for Uber this year in the Los Angeles area. Uber connects riders with drivers thru an app. It felt really good taking people to and from safely all night, into the early morning hours. By me providing this service, I saved people from drinking and driving.
I’m going to continue to blog this year with motivational posts; walking with you thru life’s obstacles. No one is perfect and we all go through trails and tribulations. When you have a support system behind you, you can overcome these road blocks. I hope you continue following this blog this year because we’re just getting started! Thank you for your support, and please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss anything in private.


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