Celebrating My Thirties

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When I turned 21 my father told me “Watch how fast your life speeds up, now you’re 21”. Feeling overly excited to hit a 21 and up club that night, I did not think much about what he said. Now, I remind myself of those words each year I’m blessed to celebrate a birthday. Looking back at that night, I can’t even tell you which club I celebrated my 21st birthday. I only remember being able to order a drink at the bar! Yesterday was my 31st birthday and I want to thank everyone who sent me a text message or left me a message on Facebook. Big shout out to the ones that celebrated with me 🙂 We had a delicious dinner at Animal restaurant in the Fairfax district. You’re encouraged to order 5 different food options to share. Delectable food and savory drinks kicked off my birthday celebrations.

Turkey Leg

Choosing not to go to a big club; and do the bottle popping trend this year. We enjoyed lots of laughs and meaningful conversations. We bar hopped to The Dime bar and last stop at Varnish. Both locations were fun with just enough background music to keep the good times rolling. While searching for a new social drink for celebrating my birthday. At Varnish you choose various mixology drinks to keep your palate satisfied. I went with Santa Ana Punch served cold. DELICIOUS!

Santa Ana Punch Varnis menu


For me, everyday is my birthday. I try to live everyday as if it’s my last. Making sure I keep a smile on my face and not letting negative situations bother me too much. Telling myself these moments will pass, and to keep striving for my greatest happiness. Knowing there will be ups and downs throughout this journey. You must continue counting all your blessings, and being very thankful to see another year. Happy Birthday to me 😉

Birthday Girl

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