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Ever watch a love scene in a movie and wish it was you? One of my top sex scenes happens to be from the movie “Belly”. Starring actors: DMX (Tommy), Nas (Sincere), Taral Hicks (Kisha), Tionne Watkins (Tionne), Method Man (Shemeek), and a few other. Taral Hicks played actor DMX girlfriend, and Tionne Watkins played as Nas woman. Tommy and Sincere were two street criminals running a drug dealing empire in New York City. Of course when you have a high rolling drug dealer as your boyfriend you’re going to suspect him to have groupies around. Kisha played a confident character whom didn’t take any BS. She decides to go thru Tommy’s pager while he was showering. Deciding to call a number in his pager, she reached a younger girl on the other end of the receiver. The young lady explains to Kisha that she hasn’t had sex with Tommy yet, because he told her she’s too young. She has sucked his dick a few time though. At this point Kisha is livid and hangs up the telephone, walks aggressively into the bathroom where Tommy was showering. (Oh don’t let me forget to mention the director shows a naked DMX shower scene). What a nice looking specimen. Kisha screams at Tommy demanding for him to explain who was the girl, before leaving out of the bathroom upset. Tommy rushes out the shower without a towel after Kisha and forcefully grabs her. Shaking her a little trying to explain that he was innocent. While Kisha cried in Tommy’s arms he aggressively kisses Kisha and begins to rip off her clothes. Throwing her on the bed in a brute like behavior. Growling as he vigorously gives it to Kisha. Once they finished Tommy get’s up and gets dress as Kisha lays in bed looking satisfied and at peace for the moment.

Ignoring the fact he used sex to shut her up. I got excited he handled her in a robustly way. Taking control of her by using his strength to please her sexual needs. As a woman I sometimes like for a man to take the lead without me having to say what I want. Even though Kisha didn’t say she wanted to have sex with Tommy. He knew right then and there how to shut her up and give himself to her. I’m not saying what he did was right or wrong, I’m just saying sometimes it’s good to just have wild animal style sex when you’re bothered.

Do you have a favorite love scene from a movie? If so, due share.

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