Meet Elise!
Meet Elise!
Meet Sierra!
Meet Sierra!

Two chicks set out on a journey to empower other women everywhere! Everyone likes to start their week out fresh. On Mondays we will focus on Health and Fitness. Once you feel good, you want to look good. So Tuesdays will cover Image-  giving you the hottest trends in Fashion and Beauty. Halfway through your week you might be losing your momentum. We want to take the opportunity to bring you Balance and Spirituality. By Thursday you’re starting to check out…you’re trying to get your Social calendar set in place. Here we will give you tips of fun things you can do to mix things up. When you think about having fun, you’re surrounded by friends and family. Friday is devoted to the highs-and-lows of maintaining relationships. They can be challenging, although everyone needs them. By Saturday it’s time to let your hair down and release the tension from the weekday…Spice things up with some Saturday Sex; have some fun and try something new. Make Sunday for yourself, recover,  and we’ll see you Monday….


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