Creating The Perfect Brow

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Do you favor waxing your eyebrows or threading? I get my eyebrows waxed every two weeks from “my friend” Hanna, at my local nail salon. My eyebrows are naturally thin. To make a perfect arch I fill them in with makeup. I recently started following Kelley Baker Brow on Instagram. The way she shapes her clients eyebrows are beyond perfection. She has a Brow studio in Venice, Ca. Her tips help me shape my eyebrows without paying for a professional makeup artist.

Meet Sierra!
Perfectly shaped eye brows

I start with Spiked Eye Brow Crayon to outline the brows, following the shape of my brows with Studio Finish Concealer (NW40). Then use brush number 266 for blending the concealer into my brow lid. These products can be purchased here. This process opens up my face and highlights on my eyes. You can even hide the fact you’re in-between appointments with this technique.

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Waxing fits right in my budget; I’m still able to get the perfect brow with a little makeup. I’ve done threading before, but can’t handle the fact they hold the strings with their mouth. I’m kind of weird about personal hygiene stuff like that… I always think they might slip and the string falls on me from their mouth. OMG I would totally freak out! Has that ever happened to anyone?

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I need to see Hanna asap

Which method  do you prefer?


Pour It Up, Pour It Up!

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Happy Monday! Last week I cut out unnecessary foods. This week I want to focus on juicing every morning. Juicing can help you meet your daily requirements in one drink. It’s recommended to eat two whole fruits and three to four vegetables a day. Different colors have different vitamins and minerals. If you don’t have a juicer try using a blender. The juice may become too thick adding some water can help.

My favorite juice combination is Kale, Spinach, Green apples, Carrots, Lemon, Ginger, and Pears. Which combination do you prefer?


Having Friends vs Foes Around You

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Are you surrounded by friends or frenemies? You know the ones that claim they’re your best friend til the end. Until they get behind your back, then they’re dragging your name in the mud. Telling all your secrets while smiling in your face. Yeah, they are who we call “frenemy friends”. Some people can’t be real with others; in addition to thriving off of someone else’s misery. You have to pay attention to the warning signs from these spiteful people. A few malicious characteristics I’ve noticed are: always asking about your business and never telling you theirs. The one that sits in the background scooping out what everyone else is doing. They let you leave the house looking a hot mess without telling you it’s not a good idea. Or they’re hitting on your significant other when you’re not looking.

A real friend is someone you trust, that’s there when you need them. Someone that never allows anyone to talk bad about you when you’re not around. They want to see you do well in life. They are supportive, understanding, caring, loving, and forgiving. You share your hopes and dreams with them. True friends will tell you it’s not a good idea dyeing your hair blonde because it’s the latest trend. They have their own identities; without emulating yours.

” Make new friends, but keep the old; one is silver and the other is gold.”-Susan J. Ellis. Hold on to those friends that sticks closer to you than a brother. Have girls night with them frequently. Even if you don’t live in the same city or state with your true friends. It’s never too late to connect with them and tell them you love them. Spread love people, not hate.

“For he that is not against us is for us”-Luke 9:50

How many true friends can you say you have in your life?

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Keep It Classy Not Trashy

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“All the single ladies, all the single ladies. Put your hands up!” Beyonce song “Single ladies” gave us girls a new perspective on dating. Telling us if we’re in a relationship and he likes us, it’s time to put a ring on our fingers. Even for the single ladies out there looking for a new relationships; with hopes of becoming someones future wife. Dating now is so difficult. Some of us are so tired of the lying, cheating man, we’d rather be alone. Some women have a hard time being alone and need to jump right back into a relationship faster than they closed the last one. The quality of dating is not how it was when my parents used to date each other. People had more respect for the other person. Now, all I’m hearing is “When can we have sex, or I’m not looking for a committed relationship.” How can we change this way of thinking when it comes to dating? I think it starts with us ladies, by showing men we’re marriage material and not just someone to do.

When we go out at night dressed to impress. We should not only show men we’re good-looking. We need to show them we have standards too. I see too many girls competing for attention from men giving off the wrong signals. Boyfriend hunting sometimes can come off as desperation. Which is a huge turn off for both species. No one likes a pushy person whom can’t handle separation. Accept the attention without trying so hard to hold on to it. Set the tone you deserve respect. Ladies, it’s time to take the reigns when it comes to dating. Let’s show these guys we’re ready for a committed relationship with a deserving gentlemen. Confidence is key for having a better social life and relationship.


For all the single ladies, tell us your experiences with dating. Do you agree with my opinions?

Are You Dressing for Success?

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Professionally dressed people have more self-respect and confidence to succeed. Our visual aesthetics we present through our appearance is very important. Exceptionally driven people understand, to climb up the ladder, it is mandatory to dress the part.

Looking good requires daily effort on your part. Sometimes,  life’s battle get in the way of our personal focus. Preventing us from keeping up with our regular maintenance, because were juggling multiple things, or putting others before us. Don’t let these road blocks prevent you from succeeding.

I recently purchased a pair of classic black pumps from Guess. I’ve worn them to work recently, receiving many compliments on them. Which in return gave me more confidence to carry a smile throughout the day. Smiling can put us all in a happy mood, that’ll help with our work ethic. When we look good we feel good, so ladies strut your stuff with confidence and go for what you want!

Classic black pumps

How important is dressing for success to you?

New Year To Make New Changes

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Happy New Year! BreakawayBabes would like to wish everyone a prosperous year. Beginning today you have 365 days to work towards accomplishing your goals. You can’t just magically become a new person; or have situations just happen for you, because it’s a new year. You have to put in the work this year towards reaching your dreams. uber_ny_cheers

This NYE I choose not to go out and party; but, to be DD for others. I wanted to bring in this year differently then previous drunken NYE nights. I started working for Uber this year in the Los Angeles area. Uber connects riders with drivers thru an app. It felt really good taking people to and from safely all night, into the early morning hours. By me providing this service, I saved people from drinking and driving.
I’m going to continue to blog this year with motivational posts; walking with you thru life’s obstacles. No one is perfect and we all go through trails and tribulations. When you have a support system behind you, you can overcome these road blocks. I hope you continue following this blog this year because we’re just getting started! Thank you for your support, and please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss anything in private.

Saturday Sex

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For most, Saturday is the first day off from work. Being that we work very hard during the week- Saturday is a good day for morning sex, hair pulling, neck biting, and loud moaning. It’s a day that you can dedicate to relaxing in bed, with your lover, and not worrying about rushing. We decided to devote each Saturday for Love, Sex, Masterbation, Role playing, Kinky, and STD topics. We’ll cover many different subjects each week to fulfill your questions, wants, needs, and curiosities.

We are all adults here (please be aware): we are going to cover experiences, research and desires to try new things. Ever wonder what sex toys are the best for reaching your climax? We’ll cover the hottest toys out right now and give you our feedback. Best positions for experiencing the big “O”; and even tell our embarrassing stories together. You will feel safe to chime in with us, and give us some of your know-how with any topic. We all struggle with our own insecurities; so why not break out of that fear and concur it together. We encourage you to explore your sexuality more. Find out through this blog what other women are experiencing… Join in with us each week for updated discussions.

Remember ladies!:  It’s all about taking care of you, breaking out of the old…And becoming the new you!


Tuesday Trends

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Every woman want to feel beautiful. Think of the feeling of beauty. Women are empowered by attraction. We are each made differently and uniquely- We are here to highlight what’s best within you! We each want to be able to encompass the hottest trends…but lets be honest not all of us can pull it off. We are here to incorporate these trends for every woman of every shape and every skin tone. We are all wonderful; and we are here to amplify that beauty. Use hashtag #Tuesdaytrends for sharing your inspirations.

by Elise R.