Beauty Mask For Oily Skin

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Have you been experiencing oily skin? I have; and it’s about time to get a hold of this greasy mess. I’m outside a lot throughout the day and I’m exposed to the sun a lot. I scrub my face daily and apply face moisturizer before leaving the house. If you recall I stated I don’t wear much make-up other than mascara and occasionally I’ll draw the perfect brow. Well this weekend I searched for a home remedy for a facial for oily skin.

Find the recipe here

After the mask was washed off with warm water. My skin felt radiant without the shine. Hopefully this works for at least a few days without looking so greasy. I’ll post an update by Thursday.

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What are some home remedies you ladies have used that’s worked for your skin?


What Is Beauty?

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Beauty is whatever you believe it to be. A sight you see or words you hear. The beauty about life is you’re in control of what you see as beauty. This past Saturday I attended a yoga session on the bluff of Long Beach, Ca. 50 plus attended, practicing together next to the Pacific Ocean. Connecting together; while encouraged to unite within yourself. Releasing built up tension from a busy week. Pushing my thoughts out of my mind and focusing only on me for that hour. I concentrated on listening, ignoring my thoughts about my week of woes. Breathing with the feel of the winds that were blowing through me. I was able to see beauty within myself while thanking myself for being myself. Listening to what my body was telling me through each different pose. Not letting anything get in the way with my beautiful moment to myself, for myself. Once practice was over I felt rejuvenated, satisfied, and happy I went. Even though I hadn’t been there for a few weeks; it didn’t matter because I went today.

Yoga on the bluff in Long Beach, Ca

Later, stumbling across the internet, I came across a phenomenal young lady. Stephanie Fernandez. A self-taught freelance makeup artist. Seeing makeup in her own unique ways. From fantasy looks, to film, and using objects to describe her moods. The way she paints her vivid thoughts onto her body is a masterpiece. What an inspirational young lady. Visit her website  here.

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No one in this world we live in is the exact same. That’s the beauty about life.

When you look at yourself in a mirror. What do you see as beauty?

First Lady Style

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No one can deny that our first lady Michelle Obama has impeccable style. She’s a classy woman that know’s how to capture our attention with her unparalleled looks, more than previous first ladies. This Tuesday Trend is all about our First Lady Michelle Obama’s styles.
Check out some of her best moments here.
You rock Ms Michelle Obama!

Compliments Are Contagious

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When you’re looking good, you’re feeling good automatically. I know I’m not the only person that’s put on a new pair of shoes, walking out of the house feeling confident, waiting for someone to give me a compliment. We buy things to make us happy and truth be told others jealous of our treasures. You can turn the jealousy into a positive mindset by sharing your favorite online boutique or where you got whatever it is someone is dying to get for themselves. Of course not everything can be duplicated like your own unique look. If you’re like me you’re not a twin, and even twins have their own personal style. We’re all not shaped the same nor like the same style. One might like your treasures, but in another color or worn differently than your preference. We just need to spread more positive vibes and not negative hate.

How often do you give compliments to a stranger when you like what they have on? Just the other day a cashier complimented me on a shirt I was wearing. In return I told her where I bought the shirt and how much it cost.  She was elated as she wrote the information down. I felt good knowing that she liked my choice in clothes and good that I made her happy.  I doubt I’ll ever see her wearing it, but I felt good just knowing I put a smile on her face. I see too many girls giving me the side-eye when they’re envious about what I have on. It’s time to stop hating and start encouraging each other to do better. If you want to know about something someone else has, just ask. What’s the worst that can happen? They tell you and you’re able to find the exact item. Or they don’t tell you but you still complimented them and can smile. Life is too short to dislike a stranger because you’re jealous of others. If you want what they have try putting positive vibes in the universe and you too can have what they have.

When was the last time you gave a stranger a compliment?


Creating The Perfect Brow

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Do you favor waxing your eyebrows or threading? I get my eyebrows waxed every two weeks from “my friend” Hanna, at my local nail salon. My eyebrows are naturally thin. To make a perfect arch I fill them in with makeup. I recently started following Kelley Baker Brow on Instagram. The way she shapes her clients eyebrows are beyond perfection. She has a Brow studio in Venice, Ca. Her tips help me shape my eyebrows without paying for a professional makeup artist.

Meet Sierra!
Perfectly shaped eye brows

I start with Spiked Eye Brow Crayon to outline the brows, following the shape of my brows with Studio Finish Concealer (NW40). Then use brush number 266 for blending the concealer into my brow lid. These products can be purchased here. This process opens up my face and highlights on my eyes. You can even hide the fact you’re in-between appointments with this technique.

photo 2 (2)

Waxing fits right in my budget; I’m still able to get the perfect brow with a little makeup. I’ve done threading before, but can’t handle the fact they hold the strings with their mouth. I’m kind of weird about personal hygiene stuff like that… I always think they might slip and the string falls on me from their mouth. OMG I would totally freak out! Has that ever happened to anyone?

photo 1 (2)
I need to see Hanna asap

Which method  do you prefer?

Are You Dressing for Success?

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Professionally dressed people have more self-respect and confidence to succeed. Our visual aesthetics we present through our appearance is very important. Exceptionally driven people understand, to climb up the ladder, it is mandatory to dress the part.

Looking good requires daily effort on your part. Sometimes,  life’s battle get in the way of our personal focus. Preventing us from keeping up with our regular maintenance, because were juggling multiple things, or putting others before us. Don’t let these road blocks prevent you from succeeding.

I recently purchased a pair of classic black pumps from Guess. I’ve worn them to work recently, receiving many compliments on them. Which in return gave me more confidence to carry a smile throughout the day. Smiling can put us all in a happy mood, that’ll help with our work ethic. When we look good we feel good, so ladies strut your stuff with confidence and go for what you want!

Classic black pumps

How important is dressing for success to you?

How do you choose your nail polish color?

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Do you go with your favorite color; or do you select the color based on the seasons? I spend about 5-10 minutes trying to decide which nail polish would suit me for the next 2 weeks. I check the upcoming weather report, and think about what plans I have coming up. Then I narrow it down to which colors are in season. I try not to pick the same color that I’ve worn in the last few months, because that gets boring for me. I’m not big on designs-one color for all my nails. My pedicure always matches my hands. It is a little dull this way although it compliments my 2photo 1

I’ve asked a few of my girlfriends; how do they choose their nail polish color. Each of them stated they base their decision on their current mood. If their happy and feeling good, they go for a bold statement color, and a darker color for gloomy days.  Christmas is tomorrow; and I have noticed some woman nails are polished with Christmas designs. This trend is growing fast, and I personally haven’t jumped on board yet. Who knows, maybe next time I might dare myself to do something different and get funky nail art.

How does your nails look right now? DSCN1543

Tuesday Trends

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Every woman want to feel beautiful. Think of the feeling of beauty. Women are empowered by attraction. We are each made differently and uniquely- We are here to highlight what’s best within you! We each want to be able to encompass the hottest trends…but lets be honest not all of us can pull it off. We are here to incorporate these trends for every woman of every shape and every skin tone. We are all wonderful; and we are here to amplify that beauty. Use hashtag #Tuesdaytrends for sharing your inspirations.

by Elise R.