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Browsing through Instagram yesterday; I came across a picture that got me thinking. How important is it to have meaningful relationships? By, not just dealing with people to seem cool, but having tangible relationships with them. I see so many people posting images, seeking attention for all the wrong reasons. Attention is a helluva drug. We all want it; but at what cost? Do we risk losing our self-worth or degrade ourselves for it? Humans need their ego’s boosted. We thrive off feeling important. You have to differentiate between meaningful attention vs. popularity attention. Ask yourself: what are you really gaining from likes from strangers on your exposed photos? Or, are you seeking likes to help boost your confidence?

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Focusing on if you get likes on your photos only weakens your confidence. “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, which means what you see as beautiful someone else might not understand your vision. Have people in your life that will support you and your dreams by helping you reach them. Not by showing off your body to strangers on Instagram for popularity. But, by pushing you to stay on the right path to reach your goals. If you’re seeking attention, try finding it through people whom are driven and determined to get success. Find friends that are working towards their dreams, so they can influence you to work towards yours. Be a positive influence in life by showing the world your achievements, not by revealing how great you look naked. Trust me ladies, men like women that’s driven with goals. Yes, they like to chase after women that come easy, but keep in mind. Easy come easy go.

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Are You Ready For Super Bowl Sunday?

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I can’t wait to scream loudly with excitement during this years Super Bowl XLVIII. No, my team is not playing in the Super Bowl because I don’t have a favorite football team. So, I won’t be cheering for any team in particular. I’m more of a basketball fan than football fan. The competitiveness of football gets me excited while watching muscular men in tight fitting uniforms tackle each other with domination. Spending the day with my friends and family gives me joy watching each other yell at the T.V, acting as if they’re the ones playing in the game. Seeing bets on who’s going to win the game being made and devouring decadent food that was prepared for the occasion. Like, bite size sandwiches in the shape of a footballs, vegetable platters, and spiked punch.

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If you’re looking for healthy recipes to prepare for your Super Bowl party here are 10 Healthy Super Bowl Foods. I also found a tasty drink option like Margarita shots. You can even enjoy these 12 simple and tasty last minute Super Bowl Recipes. If you have a recipe you’d like to share with us please do. Tag us in your Instagram photos @Breakawaybabes.


If your team is playing in the Super Bowl this year, good luck to you and your team. If you’re upset still because you feel the referees caused your team to lose and didn’t get a chance at this years Super Bowl, let it go and prepare for a new season. Have fun during this years Super Bowl parties and drink responsibly.

Health and Fitness #MondayMe

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Taking care of yourself should be number one. It is important to feel good about yourself. Focusing on yourself inward helps to create a better exterior. Everyone wants to look good, but feeling good is even more important. This part of the blog will improve both the way you look and feel. Everyone comes up with excuses about why they can not work out or eat well, but the fact of the matter is neither of these really take that much time, it just takes effort and dedication.

We want to be there during this struggle! Making a life change can be extremely challenging, but as long as you have support,  you can do it!  We encourage you to challenge others to make this life change with you. Invite friends, family and co-workers to embark on this journey with you. A little competition makes it almost impossible to quit. Each week we will challenge you to be the best YOU; through: recipes, fitness challenges and activities.  Share your accomplishments with hashtags #Mondayme

by Elise R.