Social Mingle Challenge

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Who’s single and ready to mingle? Looking to switch up how you socialize? We have a mingle challenge that’s all about having fun and stepping outside your comfort area.

“You must be tired, because you have been running through my mind all day,” Is one of the worst pick up one liners ever! Who’s heard this line before? For some reason, guy’s think it’s clever to say cheesy lines to get a girls number. Woman love a man who can make her laugh, not laugh at them.bartender

When you get to your destination; get a good table or area in the venue where you can see people entering through the door. You’ll be able to see who you want to mingle with first. If you’re with your friends have someone be the decoy and head with you towards him. Let’s say he’s at the bar, approach the bar and lean in with your chest high and money/card in hand. Look his way but act like you’re just looking around him first, then say loud enough for him to hear; “What would you like to drink?” when you’re really asking your girlfriend. If he hears you he might think you’re talking to him. Politely smile and say sorry I was talking to her, if you’ll like a drink I can get you one. This ice breaker will definitely catch him off guard and might even get you the free drink. Either way you took the initiative, and went after what you wanted. Keep the conversation going by asking his name, seeing if he came alone, what brought him to this place, finding out where he’s from, and don’t forget to listen; It’s very important. You want to keep the conversation light and compliment him; then allow him to say thank you, before changing the topic.The biggest secret to being a good conversationalist is allowing other people to talk. You become boring when you can’t shut it. Did you know that we only comprehend and keep only one-fourth of what we hear? That means our mind tunes out to other ideas, and we tune out what someone is saying to us. Now get out there woman and challenge yourself! 373294_VLdQxXKU_c

Know your self-worth

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When it comes to dating someone, do you have a list of standards he must meet? I recently read a blog post from Hello Giggles with tips about dating smartly. I do think it’s best to have standards when it comes to dating. Not saying you should expect each guy to fulfill all your standards. Just pay attention to his mannerisms.I have a few friends that are single, that tell me all about their experiences with guys: from online dating,  bars or even at the grocery story. I hear that,  “he’s not that tall”,  “he’s grungy looking”, “he’s  a musician”, “he drives a nice car”, “I just don’t know if  he is right for me?”.

I found myself wondering; do we really know our type? Have you ever felt a guy was totally beneath you? Did you give him a shot or did you turn him down? What about the guy that was intimidating because of his job and social circle? If so, did he cause you to have insecurities in the relationship?


Emotional insecurity is a horrible feeling. It makes you feel  vulnerable, self-conscious and nervous. This can cause us to lack confidence within ourselves, which can intern draw us to someone who is  not deserving. No amount of money, gifts, or a new boyfriend can satisfy you completely. You must love yourself first. You have to protect yourself, and by doing this you have to love you. Just like Hello giggles stated “Even if you’re single forever, the self-love and respect you will cultivate for yourself will bring you more happiness than anything else.” This means practice making yourself happy. When you do get in a new relationship, you’re not searching for validation from someone else. You will already know what makes you happy, your turn on’s and turn off’s, and how to give without expecting anything in return.

Do things that make you happy daily. Pat yourself on the back when you accomplish a task, or had a great day at work. Smile often and stimulate your mind, body, and soul daily.

“You have to stand for something, or you’ll fall for everything.” Know your self-worth.