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Happy Monday everyone!


30 Minute Workout

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Hey guys! Let’s get a 30 minute workout done to start our week off right! Here’s what I’ll be doing this morning. Join me and let me know what you thought about this routine.

P.S Don’t forget about your Protein shake…

Start Each Day With A Clean Slate

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Yesterday is now in our past. Today is our current future, and tomorrow is not promised to us. Keeping a clear mind each day will open opportunity in our lives.  If you had a rough night, but were blessed to wake up to a new day. You have another chance to make a change. Start this week off with positive ways you can make a difference in your life. Let go of yesterdays baggage and open good fortune towards your future.

Starting today and carrying throughout the rest of our lives. Let go of useless clutter in your mind. Begin with a healthy breakfast to start your day.  Planning ahead. Organize your schedule with a to-do list. Arrive at work ahead of time to get a jump-start on your work load. Maybe even a 10 minute meditation before you start answering your emails, or driving to drop your kids off at school. It’s very important you take time for yourself to clear out unproductive thoughts.

You hold the key to your success. Don’t allow another day to pass without grabbing a hold of yourself and shaking off the negativity. We’re all born with many talents. We just need to bring out our gifts. It starts with a clear mind!

How do you plan on starting your Monday me?


Start Your Week Off Right!

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Happy MondayMe people! It’s a brand new week ahead, and why not start it off right with a great work out. I decided to write out 3 goals for the week. Printing them out and posting them on my refrigerator for an every day reminder.

  1. Workout everyday at 5am (I’m not a morning person)
  2.  Keep up with my house duties (I’ve been slacking on my cleaning and that’s a no no for me)
  3.  Have a productive week at work (Working really hard everyday with out trying to cut corners).

I haven’t been consistent with my workouts and that’s been affecting my moods lately. I’m determined to change that today so, here I go! Bring on those happy endorphin’s 🙂

What workout routine are you doing right now?

Don’t forget to drink a healthy
protein shake.

Goals for Blue Gypsy Inc

If Barack Obama Can Do It So Can You…

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It’s Black History month; I’ll be dedicating my post this week to historians and how they made a difference in our lives, while incorporating current events. We all have very busy schedules, but trying to fit fitness into our daily routine can be very challenging. It you look at it this way maybe it’ll help you think about getting into better shape for your mind, body and soul. If our president Barack Obama can do it so can you! He works out six days a week for 45 minutes. Looking to get sculpted arms like Barack? Try his arm routines: standing triceps push downs, lying triceps presses, shoulder presses, overhead dumbbell extensions. He also occasionally does plyometric and ab workouts. Don’t forget he loves sports like golf, which he’s played 100 times since he’s taken office… and basketball, which he loves.
Barack ObamaBarackObama-pushup-388x270

You can do all these things with a little dedication and hard work. Nobody said it’ll be easy, although with a determination to win you’ll be able to do it too. Join a sports team, start a fitness program with a friend, and make sure you’re eating healthy. If our 51-year-old president can manage to workout while running our country; what’s really your excuse?


P.S I’ve still been getting up at 6am working out with a protein shake to start my week. How about you?

What Motivates You?

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Does fitting into a size smaller dress you bought at a bargain price, motivate you to work out?  How about challenging co-works to the biggest weight loser?  Whatever you use to push yourself, we all still need positive encouragement to stay focused on our goals.  If you don’t have  a reliable workout partner to drag your butt to the gym, you can use other strategies to keep you centered.

Goals for Blue Gypsy Inc
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Create a workout playlist with upbeat music. I listen to Workout-Dance/Pop created by Natasha Hussein. Listening to music while changing can jump-start your warm up. You’ll be dancing to the beats, pumping yourself up for a great workout ahead.  Also burning calories before you start your workout routine.  Visualize wearing that smaller size dress, strutting your stuff as admirable compliments flow.  Picture a healthier you while imagining how great you’re going to look as you drop those extra pounds. You can even use a role model to help with transitioning to a healthier you. Whom do you admire most?  Post a picture somewhere where you can look daily to remind you why won’t give up until you see results.

Beyonce is my inspiration

Stay far away from negative people while you’re focusing on an improved exterior.  They can have a toxic effect on your interior and cause you to lose track of what’s really important.  Which is self-gratification.  Hey, I don’t write these blog posts for nothing. Use this blog as a tool, knowing I’m here with you struggling in the same life battles.  We can be each others support system. We can do it!

team work makes the dream work

Flat Belly Challenge

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Looking to for a great workout experience with out going to the gym? Here’s one I’ve done personally before and totally enjoyed. I’m headed on a road trip for a week and this challenge is perfect for getting an effective work out. Don’t forget to drink your protein shakes either before or after you work out.  Who’s with me?


Pour It Up, Pour It Up!

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Happy Monday! Last week I cut out unnecessary foods. This week I want to focus on juicing every morning. Juicing can help you meet your daily requirements in one drink. It’s recommended to eat two whole fruits and three to four vegetables a day. Different colors have different vitamins and minerals. If you don’t have a juicer try using a blender. The juice may become too thick adding some water can help.

My favorite juice combination is Kale, Spinach, Green apples, Carrots, Lemon, Ginger, and Pears. Which combination do you prefer?


Benefits Of Protein Shakes To Start Your Week

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How many people are actively keeping up with their fitness regimen? So far, I haven’t even started this year. I’m ready today though! Started my Monday Me off right; with a protein shake and 40 minute workout. The protein shake had: beef protein powder, almond milk, banana, one tablespoon of peanut butter, dash of cinnamon, and vanilla extract. Protein shakes have many essential nutrients and benefits for your health. Read more about the benefits of protein shakes for women here.

Protein Shake

Ever get the feeling you’re lacking in energy and performance? Or your clothes are starting to fit differently than before? Yeah, that’s how I’m feeling now… And enough is enough! Just like I stated before “Time to get it right and tight“. The holiday’s are over and I have a 10 pound New Years Resolution to complete. I spoke with a personal trainer the other day, explaining how I wanted to go cold turkey, by starting a 5 day cleanse. He explained to me it might be very difficult to carry out and I should slowly curve my appetite. Taking his advice: I’m cutting out all deserts, no curbs, no red meats, only seafood, drinking more water, no liquor, and working out at 6am every morning this week.


I urge others to join me this week by cutting out unnecessary foods from your body. Who’s with me?

Time To Get It Right And Tight

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Raise your hand if you over indulged on fatty foods this holiday season.  I’m raising both my hands, because I went all the way in on fatty foods. Taking full advantage of saying “It’s the holidays, I’m allowed to eat this”.  I ate, and ate, and ate everything in sight. Normally, I focus on portion control with desert and starches. Not this time; I had massive amounts of food on my plate.  I’m no fitness guru. So of course I allow myself at least one day out of a week to reward myself with a treat.  If you give me chocolate, we’re either best friends now or we go together! Now you know my weakness ;).image

Being that, I’m fully aware of my desert addiction-I fight it with hard work and dedication. I work out often; and tell myself ” if you eat that bowl of ice cream, you’ll to have to do 30 more minutes of cardio”. I love cardio with limitations; I love to get it done and over with. So having to do extra cardio is not what I’ll sign myself up to do. Portion control is something I struggle with daily. If I like how it tastes on my palate, I’ll try to kill it! This is why I have to work out at least 5 days a week.image

Now that I finished the year eating wrong, it’s time for me to get it right and tight. My New Years Resolution is to lose 10 pounds. I’m going to start this year with a 5 day cleanse. I go big! It helps me push myself to limits that I thought I couldn’t achieve. If you would like to do a cleanse with me, please email me and I can send you some information. How are you planning on starting the new year?