Poll Results For “What’s Your Fantasy”

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The results are in ladies and gentlemen. 33% of people voted that adding toys into their bedroom was most desirable. A two-way tie goes to prolonged foreplay and role playing at 25%. Last but not least came 17% for random places. Why do you think most people choose add toys into there sexual needs. Is it because some are feeling they’re looking for a little added sensation while having sex? Could it be that sex toys help their partner climax? Or do you feel incorporating kinky toys in the bedroom is just more fun?

Let us know how you feel about adding toys into your bedroom. Does it play a major role for you and your partner?



Personal Pleasure Party…

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No one else invited. Only yourself, your favorite toys, lube, and maybe a little porn for eye candy. Yes, I’m talking about masturbating; rewarding yourself with a good time. Stimulating masturbation is self-gratification. Who wouldn’t want to please themselves? No one knows your body as well as you should; so touching your clitoris for stimulation is a must. Our clitoris contains about 8,000 sensory nerve endings; 4,000 more than a male penis. Some women have problems with vaginal orgasm in sex. When we masturbate we’re learning what turns us on, and explore our fantasies. Read a great article on why women should masturbate more here.

This subject should no longer be hush-hush or make us feel shameful. Hey, you’re only taking care of your body’s needs, why feel guilty? “Everyone’s doing it”, maybe every man is too. If you’ve been busy this week and haven’t spent much alone time take some time to please yourself with Saturday sex.  I know I will.. wink.

For all my ladies not afraid to talk about masturbating, here’s a question for you. When you masturbate, do you prefer your hand or toy’s to assist with reaching your climax?


Saturday Sex

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For most, Saturday is the first day off from work. Being that we work very hard during the week- Saturday is a good day for morning sex, hair pulling, neck biting, and loud moaning. It’s a day that you can dedicate to relaxing in bed, with your lover, and not worrying about rushing. We decided to devote each Saturday for Love, Sex, Masterbation, Role playing, Kinky, and STD topics. We’ll cover many different subjects each week to fulfill your questions, wants, needs, and curiosities.

We are all adults here (please be aware): we are going to cover experiences, research and desires to try new things. Ever wonder what sex toys are the best for reaching your climax? We’ll cover the hottest toys out right now and give you our feedback. Best positions for experiencing the big “O”; and even tell our embarrassing stories together. You will feel safe to chime in with us, and give us some of your know-how with any topic. We all struggle with our own insecurities; so why not break out of that fear and concur it together. We encourage you to explore your sexuality more. Find out through this blog what other women are experiencing… Join in with us each week for updated discussions.

Remember ladies!:  It’s all about taking care of you, breaking out of the old…And becoming the new you!