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Benefits Of Protein Shakes To Start Your Week

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How many people are actively keeping up with their fitness regimen? So far, I haven’t even started this year. I’m ready today though! Started my Monday Me off right; with a protein shake and 40 minute workout. The protein shake had: beef protein powder, almond milk, banana, one tablespoon of peanut butter, dash of cinnamon, and vanilla extract. Protein shakes have many essential nutrients and benefits for your health. Read more about the benefits of protein shakes for women here.

Protein Shake

Ever get the feeling you’re lacking in energy and performance? Or your clothes are starting to fit differently than before? Yeah, that’s how I’m feeling now… And enough is enough! Just like I stated before “Time to get it right and tight“. The holiday’s are over and I have a 10 pound New Years Resolution to complete. I spoke with a personal trainer the other day, explaining how I wanted to go cold turkey, by starting a 5 day cleanse. He explained to me it might be very difficult to carry out and I should slowly curve my appetite. Taking his advice: I’m cutting out all deserts, no curbs, no red meats, only seafood, drinking more water, no liquor, and working out at 6am every morning this week.


I urge others to join me this week by cutting out unnecessary foods from your body. Who’s with me?


Time To Get It Right And Tight

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Raise your hand if you over indulged on fatty foods this holiday season.  I’m raising both my hands, because I went all the way in on fatty foods. Taking full advantage of saying “It’s the holidays, I’m allowed to eat this”.  I ate, and ate, and ate everything in sight. Normally, I focus on portion control with desert and starches. Not this time; I had massive amounts of food on my plate.  I’m no fitness guru. So of course I allow myself at least one day out of a week to reward myself with a treat.  If you give me chocolate, we’re either best friends now or we go together! Now you know my weakness ;).image

Being that, I’m fully aware of my desert addiction-I fight it with hard work and dedication. I work out often; and tell myself ” if you eat that bowl of ice cream, you’ll to have to do 30 more minutes of cardio”. I love cardio with limitations; I love to get it done and over with. So having to do extra cardio is not what I’ll sign myself up to do. Portion control is something I struggle with daily. If I like how it tastes on my palate, I’ll try to kill it! This is why I have to work out at least 5 days a week.image

Now that I finished the year eating wrong, it’s time for me to get it right and tight. My New Years Resolution is to lose 10 pounds. I’m going to start this year with a 5 day cleanse. I go big! It helps me push myself to limits that I thought I couldn’t achieve. If you would like to do a cleanse with me, please email me and I can send you some information. How are you planning on starting the new year?

New Year’s Resolutions

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A new year is just around the corner and people start planning their New Year Resolutions. Most choose: losing weight, a career change, new hairstyle, quitting smoking, and finally taking a vacation. Unlike the common choices, how about some realistic changes that will help with  progressing your strengths and working on your weaknesses. I like to write out a list of my Top 25 Do’s or Dont’s. Like 25 ways to get you that new job, steps you’re going to take to lose weight, what you did wrong or right in your current-past relationship. Anything that you feel will improve yourself in preparation for the new year.

Here’s my list:

  1. Stay consistent with my blog
  2. Use my reminders on my phone more
  3. Learn to take constructive criticism
  4. Cut back on eating deserts
  5. Get regular teeth cleanings
  6. Join a book club
  7. Stay consistent with my vitamins
  8. Save more money
  9.  Stop procrastinating and just do it
  10. Play with make-up more (I hardly ever wear make-up)
  11. Use public transportation when available (Gas is so high ugh)
  12. Meditate for 10 minutes each day
  13. Actively get involved with more social media sites
  14. Get rid of clothes in my closet, that I know I am not ever going to wear
  15. Workout 5 days a week
  16. Learn Spanish
  17. Volunteer my time more to a charity
  18. Call my family more
  19. Write a to do list everyday
  20. Be an even better girlfriend
  21. Use my cooking books more
  22. Manage my time better
  23. Lose 10 pounds
  24. New stamp in my passport
  25.  Get that tattoo I have always wanted.

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As you see my list is pretty much all over the place but these are the things that I want to carry out in 2014. I suggest printing them out and posting them somewhere you can see daily. Once you complete some of your goals mark them off to show yourself how awesome you are for completing it. Doing these steps towards becoming the new-you will give you peace of mind, improve your health, gain more productivity, and help you reach your goals. What do you look forward to working towards next year?