Treat Yo Self Day

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Valentine’s day is one of the busiest nights to dine out. It’s ok if you don’t have a date this year to celebrate. I have some nifty ideas to occupy your mind. Instead of sitting at home moping on why you’re single or how much you hate your ex. Why not spend the time treating yourself? You can take yourself to the movies, quiet time at a spa, or shopping. This day is not just for couples. It’s all about love and we should all know by now, you can’t truly love someone else if you don’t love yourself first.

Switch things up this year by spending time with your single friends. Compliment each other, tell one another how awesome they are and why they’re important to you. There’s nothing wrong with buying yourself flowers. If you want them, go get them and smell those roses. Just keep in mind you hold the key to your happiness and sometimes we have to make ourselves happy by treating ourselves with gifts or a little R&R. We should be spreading love everyday! (I digress)

If you want to change a disheartened past into a celebration, here are a few tips:
1. Spa date
2. Go to the movies
3. Treat yourself to something special
4. Hit up a bar and socialize
5. Karaoke
6. Party at your place with your single friends
7. Mani-Pedi
8. Accomplish one of your goals
9. Organize something you’ve been putting off
10. Bubble bath with a glass of wine and candles

If you’re single let us know what’s your plans for Valentine’s day.


Confidence is Key

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0102 The Way_largeHow confident are you about yourself? Would you bet a million dollars that you are 100% confident about yourself? Self-confidence is very important in almost every aspect of our lives, and many of us struggle to find it. We build trust and faith in individuals because were confident about them. When it comes to doing what you believe is right-even if you’re criticized about it. Do you go with your qualifications or does low self-confidence kick in and doubt? We all face difficult decisions; although if you’re confident about yourself it makes it much easier to address.

What we want to show you are ways to build that self-esteem up and empower yourself to be better each day. We have came up with 10 steps to prepare you for this journey. In order to be the best you, you must work hard at it and not expect short cuts. No one said it’ll be easy but with the right motivation you’ll feel confident to accomplish any challenges in your future.




  1. Assess your appearance ( Are you happy with your hair, weight, or wardrobe? If not, time for a makeover)
  2. Think about what’s important to you and where you want to go
  3. Find balance in your life and routine
  4. Write down your fears (This allows you to see what could potentially be holding you back)
  5. Positive thinking  (No negative thinking allowed; It really works)
  6. Keep yourself grounded (You can be over-confident and lose your humility)
  7. Do something for the first time ( thank me later 🙂 )
  8. Connect with positive influencers in your life
  9. Look at what you already achieved
  10. Commit to yourself

Working from within helps you to have a better social surrounding and a better outlook about life. Confidence is key; if  you already possess these qualities due share with us using hashtag #socialcircle. We are here to complement and build each other up together!