Poll Results For “What’s Your Fantasy”

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The results are in ladies and gentlemen. 33% of people voted that adding toys into their bedroom was most desirable. A two-way tie goes to prolonged foreplay and role playing at 25%. Last but not least came 17% for random places. Why do you think most people choose add toys into there sexual needs. Is it because some are feeling they’re looking for a little added sensation while having sex? Could it be that sex toys help their partner climax? Or do you feel incorporating kinky toys in the bedroom is just more fun?

Let us know how you feel about adding toys into your bedroom. Does it play a major role for you and your partner?


Personal Pleasure Party…

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No one else invited. Only yourself, your favorite toys, lube, and maybe a little porn for eye candy. Yes, I’m talking about masturbating; rewarding yourself with a good time. Stimulating masturbation is self-gratification. Who wouldn’t want to please themselves? No one knows your body as well as you should; so touching your clitoris for stimulation is a must. Our clitoris contains about 8,000 sensory nerve endings; 4,000 more than a male penis. Some women have problems with vaginal orgasm in sex. When we masturbate we’re learning what turns us on, and explore our fantasies. Read a great article on why women should masturbate more here.

This subject should no longer be hush-hush or make us feel shameful. Hey, you’re only taking care of your body’s needs, why feel guilty? “Everyone’s doing it”, maybe every man is too. If you’ve been busy this week and haven’t spent much alone time take some time to please yourself with Saturday sex.  I know I will.. wink.

For all my ladies not afraid to talk about masturbating, here’s a question for you. When you masturbate, do you prefer your hand or toy’s to assist with reaching your climax?


Hot Hollywood Sex

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Ever watch a love scene in a movie and wish it was you? One of my top sex scenes happens to be from the movie “Belly”. Starring actors: DMX (Tommy), Nas (Sincere), Taral Hicks (Kisha), Tionne Watkins (Tionne), Method Man (Shemeek), and a few other. Taral Hicks played actor DMX girlfriend, and Tionne Watkins played as Nas woman. Tommy and Sincere were two street criminals running a drug dealing empire in New York City. Of course when you have a high rolling drug dealer as your boyfriend you’re going to suspect him to have groupies around. Kisha played a confident character whom didn’t take any BS. She decides to go thru Tommy’s pager while he was showering. Deciding to call a number in his pager, she reached a younger girl on the other end of the receiver. The young lady explains to Kisha that she hasn’t had sex with Tommy yet, because he told her she’s too young. She has sucked his dick a few time though. At this point Kisha is livid and hangs up the telephone, walks aggressively into the bathroom where Tommy was showering. (Oh don’t let me forget to mention the director shows a naked DMX shower scene). What a nice looking specimen. Kisha screams at Tommy demanding for him to explain who was the girl, before leaving out of the bathroom upset. Tommy rushes out the shower without a towel after Kisha and forcefully grabs her. Shaking her a little trying to explain that he was innocent. While Kisha cried in Tommy’s arms he aggressively kisses Kisha and begins to rip off her clothes. Throwing her on the bed in a brute like behavior. Growling as he vigorously gives it to Kisha. Once they finished Tommy get’s up and gets dress as Kisha lays in bed looking satisfied and at peace for the moment.

Ignoring the fact he used sex to shut her up. I got excited he handled her in a robustly way. Taking control of her by using his strength to please her sexual needs. As a woman I sometimes like for a man to take the lead without me having to say what I want. Even though Kisha didn’t say she wanted to have sex with Tommy. He knew right then and there how to shut her up and give himself to her. I’m not saying what he did was right or wrong, I’m just saying sometimes it’s good to just have wild animal style sex when you’re bothered.

Do you have a favorite love scene from a movie? If so, due share.

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Are One Night Stands Sexually Better Then Committed Relationships?

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When you’re in love with someone, you have an undeniable connection with them, that exudes during your lovemaking. You know what they like vs their dislikes. You feel comfortable with them, to give yourself wholeheartedly. Then there are those times when you had an itch, to do something different and experience with a one nightstand. You wanted that physical connection with someone; to have them satisfy your needs. The chemistry between the two of you was electric, and evident that the sex was about to be passionate.
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Not every encounter with a sexual partner is satisfying-having you feel he or she could have done better. Maybe they just wasn’t that into you and only did it only for the release. Or, maybe you heard those great stories about them, and had to explore for yourself. Only to find out-they were boring in bed. When you’re single you have to put your best foot forward when dating. You never know what the outcome will be, in pursuit of a new relationship. This goes for being in a committed relationship as well, you have to put in work;  in order to keep your significant other happy.  There are many different situations that could play a major roll in achieving pleasurable sex. Here is where I’m asking you to tell me if you feel one night stands are better vs committed relationships.  

Seductive Sensations

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Saturday sex this week is all about foreplay with food. Incorporating exotic edibles into the bedroom is very erotic. Imagine: warm honey dripping down your back slowly-causing a slight shiver in anticipation. Your partner sliding his wet tongue up and down your back, cleaning traces of sweet honey-that was filling the middle crease. The hot and cold sensations from his mouth inducing a turn on. Spreading whip cream on his chest and tip of his penis. Making circular motions with your lips and tongue-cleaning the whip cream remnants off his body. Adding delicious, juicy, and slippery food into your bedroom is sure to arouse your senses for reaching the ultimate goal of satisfaction.images (5)

Having a sense of humor is an added bonus. Granting you comfortability with yourself to explore freely. Had a busy stressful week? Relieve yourself with mind-blowing, back braking, freaky sex. Laughing at yourself quiver; as lubricated liquid touches your soft spots. Begging for him not to stop, as he tastes a peach slipping out your opening.

Over at Durex they list 7 tips for using food in the bedroom. Head on over there and take a look to formularize yourself on the do’s and don’t with using food in the bedroom. Use hashtag #SaturdaySex and share any specialties you have created with food when you’re feeling hungry for some Saturday Sex.

Naughty or Nice Bedroom Behavior

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Have you been Naughty or Nice this year? I’m not just talking about your day-to-day personality. I’m talking about your bedroom behavior! Role playing in the bedroom can keep the flame lit in your relationship. It’s always good to break up the monotony, and spice things up! Like surprising your partner with only your birthday suit underneath a coat. Watch a few Youtube videos to learn a new hand job trick or massage technique.

I came across an article on Facebook that stated “Semen is ‘good for women’s health and helps fight depression’. You can read about this here. It’s all about stepping outside your comfort zone and letting the inter freak come out to play.

When it comes to setting the ambience in your bedroom try aromatherapy candles, background music, changing the linen on the bed, and having a tray of edibles. Once you have the mood set, here is when you decide to take the lead or be submissive.

You can be the  naughty girl who needs taming… when I choose this role, I like to think of dirty things to say to him. Things that I have done, how bad I have been and how I need punishment. Your punishment can come in many ways; such as spankings, a bubble bath where he washes you, and even light choking.

But, if you choose to play the nice role… you can play a schoolgirl allowing him to direct you where he wants you and cater to his every need. Undressing him, leading him to the shower to sponge bathe him, feeding him edibles, being submissive, and asking him what his fantasies are then acting them out. Either way being Naughty or Nice for Saturday Sex is sure to change-up your bedroom routine. Victoria Secret

During the holiday season you can get great deals on lingerie and sexy outfits from Victoria Secret. This will help you feel sexy and will exude in the bedroom. Now go and plan a Naughty or Nice evening with your partner, and please give us a little detail on how you planned your night. I can not wait to learn a little something something from you ladies.

Saturday Sex

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For most, Saturday is the first day off from work. Being that we work very hard during the week- Saturday is a good day for morning sex, hair pulling, neck biting, and loud moaning. It’s a day that you can dedicate to relaxing in bed, with your lover, and not worrying about rushing. We decided to devote each Saturday for Love, Sex, Masterbation, Role playing, Kinky, and STD topics. We’ll cover many different subjects each week to fulfill your questions, wants, needs, and curiosities.

We are all adults here (please be aware): we are going to cover experiences, research and desires to try new things. Ever wonder what sex toys are the best for reaching your climax? We’ll cover the hottest toys out right now and give you our feedback. Best positions for experiencing the big “O”; and even tell our embarrassing stories together. You will feel safe to chime in with us, and give us some of your know-how with any topic. We all struggle with our own insecurities; so why not break out of that fear and concur it together. We encourage you to explore your sexuality more. Find out through this blog what other women are experiencing… Join in with us each week for updated discussions.

Remember ladies!:  It’s all about taking care of you, breaking out of the old…And becoming the new you!