Date Rape Drugs

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Did you know these facts about rape in the U.S.?

1. Low estimate of the number of women, according to the Department of Justice, raped every year: 300,000.

2. High estimate of the number of women raped: 1.3 million.

3. Percentage of rapes not reported: 54 percent.

A popular method used to subdue victims is a date rape drug. These drugs are powerful and dangerous. They can be slipped into your drink when you’re not looking. The drugs often have no color, smell, or taste. They make you weak and confused or even pass out. Three of the most common date rape drugs are Rohypnol, GHB, and Ketamine. These drugs are also known as “club drugs” because they tend to be used at dance clubs, concerts, and raves. The effect of these drugs can be felt as soon as 15 minutes, and last for several hours.


How to protect yourself from becoming a victim: not accepting drinks from other people, keeping your drink with you at all times, open containers yourself, go with the person that offers to get you a drink, and don’t drink anything that tastes or smells strange. We all would like to trust people when dealing with strangers and socializing, but this could lead to a traumatic situation.


If you’ve ever faced this situation and need someone to talk to about it call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800-656-HOPE. When going out, bring someone you can trust with you. Protect yourself while having a good time.

Searching For Attention

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Browsing through Instagram yesterday; I came across a picture that got me thinking. How important is it to have meaningful relationships? By, not just dealing with people to seem cool, but having tangible relationships with them. I see so many people posting images, seeking attention for all the wrong reasons. Attention is a helluva drug. We all want it; but at what cost? Do we risk losing our self-worth or degrade ourselves for it? Humans need their ego’s boosted. We thrive off feeling important. You have to differentiate between meaningful attention vs. popularity attention. Ask yourself: what are you really gaining from likes from strangers on your exposed photos? Or, are you seeking likes to help boost your confidence?

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Focusing on if you get likes on your photos only weakens your confidence. “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, which means what you see as beautiful someone else might not understand your vision. Have people in your life that will support you and your dreams by helping you reach them. Not by showing off your body to strangers on Instagram for popularity. But, by pushing you to stay on the right path to reach your goals. If you’re seeking attention, try finding it through people whom are driven and determined to get success. Find friends that are working towards their dreams, so they can influence you to work towards yours. Be a positive influence in life by showing the world your achievements, not by revealing how great you look naked. Trust me ladies, men like women that’s driven with goals. Yes, they like to chase after women that come easy, but keep in mind. Easy come easy go.

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Black History Social Event Fact

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Did you know that on February 6, 1820, the first 86 African American immigrants sponsored by the American Colonization Society started a settlement in present-day Liberia? Liberia was set up by the United States as a colony for former African-American slaves. It is one of only two states in the world that was started by a nation as settlement for former slaves from the same country.
What are you going to do today to leave your mark on the world?

Are You Ready For Super Bowl Sunday?

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I can’t wait to scream loudly with excitement during this years Super Bowl XLVIII. No, my team is not playing in the Super Bowl because I don’t have a favorite football team. So, I won’t be cheering for any team in particular. I’m more of a basketball fan than football fan. The competitiveness of football gets me excited while watching muscular men in tight fitting uniforms tackle each other with domination. Spending the day with my friends and family gives me joy watching each other yell at the T.V, acting as if they’re the ones playing in the game. Seeing bets on who’s going to win the game being made and devouring decadent food that was prepared for the occasion. Like, bite size sandwiches in the shape of a footballs, vegetable platters, and spiked punch.

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If you’re looking for healthy recipes to prepare for your Super Bowl party here are 10 Healthy Super Bowl Foods. I also found a tasty drink option like Margarita shots. You can even enjoy these 12 simple and tasty last minute Super Bowl Recipes. If you have a recipe you’d like to share with us please do. Tag us in your Instagram photos @Breakawaybabes.


If your team is playing in the Super Bowl this year, good luck to you and your team. If you’re upset still because you feel the referees caused your team to lose and didn’t get a chance at this years Super Bowl, let it go and prepare for a new season. Have fun during this years Super Bowl parties and drink responsibly.

Put Down The Phone And Get Your Boogie On

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Ever feel too tired to take part in work related social gatherings? Well that was me today. Invited to hang out with my co-workers after work for some fun and networking. Not just a drink at a local bar, but a line dancing country theme shindig. Thinking about those thousand other things I need to do when I get home. I tried to weasel my way out of going. My supervisor suggested we play rock, paper, scissor. If he wins I go and if I win I get to go home. I lost!

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Having to overcome not being able to go home, I made the best out of my evening. We meet up at a really cool grilled cheese sandwich joint. Dope decor with portraits of celebrities mounted on the wall resembling them eating cheese. Some of my co-workers came ready for line dancing and dressed the part. While we munched on cheesy sandwiches we were able to catch up on each others day. I even learned a helpful tip from someone I’ve never talked to before because we’re in two different parts of the office.

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Do you know how to line dance, because I don’t. Opting out of the lesson, because I was just trying to get one drink and go, I was able to see many people sitting and looking only at their cell phones. Not socializing with anyone, a straight face, and a drink in hand. I find it weird now that humans have such a hard time putting their cell phones away and enjoying what’s going on around them. As if its not attached to our hands what would we possibly do? Some of us wanted to watch and the others were super excited to get wasted and dance. The venue had a live band playing, inviting you to join in on the dance floor to get your boogie on. This is why I think instead of having a coat check, owners should have a no cell phone policy. Maybe this will force people to start having fun again and forget about what others are doing somewhere else. Before Facebook or Twitter, what were you doing when you went out?

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Keep It Classy Not Trashy

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“All the single ladies, all the single ladies. Put your hands up!” Beyonce song “Single ladies” gave us girls a new perspective on dating. Telling us if we’re in a relationship and he likes us, it’s time to put a ring on our fingers. Even for the single ladies out there looking for a new relationships; with hopes of becoming someones future wife. Dating now is so difficult. Some of us are so tired of the lying, cheating man, we’d rather be alone. Some women have a hard time being alone and need to jump right back into a relationship faster than they closed the last one. The quality of dating is not how it was when my parents used to date each other. People had more respect for the other person. Now, all I’m hearing is “When can we have sex, or I’m not looking for a committed relationship.” How can we change this way of thinking when it comes to dating? I think it starts with us ladies, by showing men we’re marriage material and not just someone to do.

When we go out at night dressed to impress. We should not only show men we’re good-looking. We need to show them we have standards too. I see too many girls competing for attention from men giving off the wrong signals. Boyfriend hunting sometimes can come off as desperation. Which is a huge turn off for both species. No one likes a pushy person whom can’t handle separation. Accept the attention without trying so hard to hold on to it. Set the tone you deserve respect. Ladies, it’s time to take the reigns when it comes to dating. Let’s show these guys we’re ready for a committed relationship with a deserving gentlemen. Confidence is key for having a better social life and relationship.


For all the single ladies, tell us your experiences with dating. Do you agree with my opinions?

Celebrating My Thirties

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When I turned 21 my father told me “Watch how fast your life speeds up, now you’re 21”. Feeling overly excited to hit a 21 and up club that night, I did not think much about what he said. Now, I remind myself of those words each year I’m blessed to celebrate a birthday. Looking back at that night, I can’t even tell you which club I celebrated my 21st birthday. I only remember being able to order a drink at the bar! Yesterday was my 31st birthday and I want to thank everyone who sent me a text message or left me a message on Facebook. Big shout out to the ones that celebrated with me 🙂 We had a delicious dinner at Animal restaurant in the Fairfax district. You’re encouraged to order 5 different food options to share. Delectable food and savory drinks kicked off my birthday celebrations.

Turkey Leg

Choosing not to go to a big club; and do the bottle popping trend this year. We enjoyed lots of laughs and meaningful conversations. We bar hopped to The Dime bar and last stop at Varnish. Both locations were fun with just enough background music to keep the good times rolling. While searching for a new social drink for celebrating my birthday. At Varnish you choose various mixology drinks to keep your palate satisfied. I went with Santa Ana Punch served cold. DELICIOUS!

Santa Ana Punch Varnis menu


For me, everyday is my birthday. I try to live everyday as if it’s my last. Making sure I keep a smile on my face and not letting negative situations bother me too much. Telling myself these moments will pass, and to keep striving for my greatest happiness. Knowing there will be ups and downs throughout this journey. You must continue counting all your blessings, and being very thankful to see another year. Happy Birthday to me 😉

Birthday Girl

What’s Your Favorite Social Drink Of Choice?

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Tomorrow’s my birthday, and i need a new drink for celebrating it. Who has a good drink they’ll like to recommend to me? Not to sweet and just enough liquor to get the job done right!

Social Circle

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Social status is very important for our condition of existence. We cater to our image, social circle, and well-being we tend to forget about what’s really important. In order to give yourself the ultimate gratification of self-worth you need to have an active social life. Thursday’s are going to challenge you, to dare yourself to breakout of the norm. Completing goals you started, but didn’t achieve. Get the guy you’ve been stocking, and go for what we want in life. Maintaining your relationships and pleasing your family all at the same time. Here we’ll present tips for accomplishing these ambitions. Join in on Thursday each week for #socialcircle

by Sierra H.