If Barack Obama Can Do It So Can You…

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It’s Black History month; I’ll be dedicating my post this week to historians and how they made a difference in our lives, while incorporating current events. We all have very busy schedules, but trying to fit fitness into our daily routine can be very challenging. It you look at it this way maybe it’ll help you think about getting into better shape for your mind, body and soul. If our president Barack Obama can do it so can you! He works out six days a week for 45 minutes. Looking to get sculpted arms like Barack? Try his arm routines: standing triceps push downs, lying triceps presses, shoulder presses, overhead dumbbell extensions. He also occasionally does plyometric and ab workouts. Don’t forget he loves sports like golf, which he’s played 100 times since he’s taken office… and basketball, which he loves.
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You can do all these things with a little dedication and hard work. Nobody said it’ll be easy, although with a determination to win you’ll be able to do it too. Join a sports team, start a fitness program with a friend, and make sure you’re eating healthy. If our 51-year-old president can manage to workout while running our country; what’s really your excuse?


P.S I’ve still been getting up at 6am working out with a protein shake to start my week. How about you?


Are You Ready For Super Bowl Sunday?

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I can’t wait to scream loudly with excitement during this years Super Bowl XLVIII. No, my team is not playing in the Super Bowl because I don’t have a favorite football team. So, I won’t be cheering for any team in particular. I’m more of a basketball fan than football fan. The competitiveness of football gets me excited while watching muscular men in tight fitting uniforms tackle each other with domination. Spending the day with my friends and family gives me joy watching each other yell at the T.V, acting as if they’re the ones playing in the game. Seeing bets on who’s going to win the game being made and devouring decadent food that was prepared for the occasion. Like, bite size sandwiches in the shape of a footballs, vegetable platters, and spiked punch.

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If you’re looking for healthy recipes to prepare for your Super Bowl party here are 10 Healthy Super Bowl Foods. I also found a tasty drink option like Margarita shots. You can even enjoy these 12 simple and tasty last minute Super Bowl Recipes. If you have a recipe you’d like to share with us please do. Tag us in your Instagram photos @Breakawaybabes.


If your team is playing in the Super Bowl this year, good luck to you and your team. If you’re upset still because you feel the referees caused your team to lose and didn’t get a chance at this years Super Bowl, let it go and prepare for a new season. Have fun during this years Super Bowl parties and drink responsibly.