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Start Your Week Off Right!

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Happy MondayMe people! It’s a brand new week ahead, and why not start it off right with a great work out. I decided to write out 3 goals for the week. Printing them out and posting them on my refrigerator for an every day reminder.

  1. Workout everyday at 5am (I’m not a morning person)
  2.  Keep up with my house duties (I’ve been slacking on my cleaning and that’s a no no for me)
  3.  Have a productive week at work (Working really hard everyday with out trying to cut corners).

I haven’t been consistent with my workouts and that’s been affecting my moods lately. I’m determined to change that today so, here I go! Bring on those happy endorphin’s 🙂

What workout routine are you doing right now?

Don’t forget to drink a healthy
protein shake.

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