30 Minute Workout

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Hey guys! Let’s get a 30 minute workout done to start our week off right! Here’s what I’ll be doing this morning. Join me and let me know what you thought about this routine.

P.S Don’t forget about your Protein shake…


6am workout-Monday me

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Started my week with an intense cardio workout in my living room. I wanted to stay in bed when my alarm clock went off this morning. Jumping straight out the bed-got dress IMG_4840to force myself to wake up. I was able to get 45 minutes done and over with for the day. We all have busy schedules-although getting a good workout to begin your day helps to release happy endorphins and natural energy.

After my work out I refueled my body with: scrambled eggs, spinach, onions, turkey sausages, and a potassium banana. Now I’m ready to take on what’s in store for me today!

Do you plan on working out today?