Are You A Drama Queen?

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Ever wonder if the reason you’re single is due to your attitude? Sometimes we tend to put the blame on others, without self-assessing ourselves. Characteristics of proactive vs reactive women:

Do you express what you want or Hope someone can read your mind?
Are you trying to find a solution or Adding to the problem?
Do you support others or tell them they’ll never make it?
Do you have your own hobbies or act needy for attention?
Are you looking for an equal partner or a support system?

No man is looking for a woman who can’t supportive of his dreams. He needs to feel needed, appreciated and able to count on you when times get tough. If you’re always nagging about this or that why would he want a relationship with you? You need to have your own hobbies to keep busy and focus on bettering the relationship. If it be financially, spiritually, or personal growth. When you become too needy for attention you’re consuming up too much of someone else life and become a burden. Learn how to express yourself when you want something. No one and I repeat no one is a mind reader. Yes, some believe in psychics, but I doubt you’re dating one. Had a rough day at work? Talk about it so you’re not boggling your emotions. It’s best you’re a drama-free woman and not a drama-queen.

How do you know if you’re dating a drama-queen? Leave a comment below and I can help you figure it out!


The Struggle Is Real

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This year so many people I know have been struggling in difficult situations. I’m one of them. Balancing life, love, blogging, relationships, friends, and not having time for myself. A few weeks ago I meet the CEO of my current job along with a few other co-workers. She was asked ” How do you balance your work with having a family?”. Her answer was, ” I don’t think you really want to hear this answer, because there is no balance. You just figure out how to deal with both at the same time. You live and you learn from previous mistakes.” Hearing those words helped me out tremendously, because I’m struggling with not having enough time for me.

I’m working over 50 hours a week, and when the weekend comes have a pile of errands that all need to get done. Then I wonder how am I going to have time for friends or just pampering myself with a mani-pedi? A lot of people depend on my fortitude to help get them through difficult situations. I understand the blessing I have as their motivator. Now I’m wondering if I’ll ever be able to reach a certain point in life where everything comes easy without the unfortunate lack of will power.

I pray daily for the strength to get through worries, and for guidance to make the best decisions, then thank the man above for all the blessings I have.  Seems everyone I’ve been coming across has burdens. But we can’t lose our faith. Believe it, there is light at the end of the tunnel. This too shall pass and we will be able to get through these tough times. I work on becoming a better person daily and I’m not quitting! So our new mantra will be ” The struggle is real, but I will prevail.”

Are you dealing with hard times in life right now? If so how are you getting through them?


Beauty Mask For Oily Skin

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Have you been experiencing oily skin? I have; and it’s about time to get a hold of this greasy mess. I’m outside a lot throughout the day and I’m exposed to the sun a lot. I scrub my face daily and apply face moisturizer before leaving the house. If you recall I stated I don’t wear much make-up other than mascara and occasionally I’ll draw the perfect brow. Well this weekend I searched for a home remedy for a facial for oily skin.

Find the recipe here

After the mask was washed off with warm water. My skin felt radiant without the shine. Hopefully this works for at least a few days without looking so greasy. I’ll post an update by Thursday.

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What are some home remedies you ladies have used that’s worked for your skin?

Poll Results For “What’s Your Fantasy”

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The results are in ladies and gentlemen. 33% of people voted that adding toys into their bedroom was most desirable. A two-way tie goes to prolonged foreplay and role playing at 25%. Last but not least came 17% for random places. Why do you think most people choose add toys into there sexual needs. Is it because some are feeling they’re looking for a little added sensation while having sex? Could it be that sex toys help their partner climax? Or do you feel incorporating kinky toys in the bedroom is just more fun?

Let us know how you feel about adding toys into your bedroom. Does it play a major role for you and your partner?


Date Rape Drugs

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Did you know these facts about rape in the U.S.?

1. Low estimate of the number of women, according to the Department of Justice, raped every year: 300,000.

2. High estimate of the number of women raped: 1.3 million.

3. Percentage of rapes not reported: 54 percent.

A popular method used to subdue victims is a date rape drug. These drugs are powerful and dangerous. They can be slipped into your drink when you’re not looking. The drugs often have no color, smell, or taste. They make you weak and confused or even pass out. Three of the most common date rape drugs are Rohypnol, GHB, and Ketamine. These drugs are also known as “club drugs” because they tend to be used at dance clubs, concerts, and raves. The effect of these drugs can be felt as soon as 15 minutes, and last for several hours.


How to protect yourself from becoming a victim: not accepting drinks from other people, keeping your drink with you at all times, open containers yourself, go with the person that offers to get you a drink, and don’t drink anything that tastes or smells strange. We all would like to trust people when dealing with strangers and socializing, but this could lead to a traumatic situation.


If you’ve ever faced this situation and need someone to talk to about it call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800-656-HOPE. When going out, bring someone you can trust with you. Protect yourself while having a good time.

Learn How To Meditate

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Do you know how to meditate? When we escape from our thoughts and concerns, we’re allowing ourselves to bring stillness to our minds. This is known as meditation. Meditating can be very challenging to master. We’re all capable of accomplishing by practicing. Understand, meditation is a journey. The purpose is to calm the mind, achieve inter peace, and reach a higher spiritual dimension. You don’t necessary have to sit in a dark room for an hour to reap the benefits of relaxation. You can train your mind to focus solely on your breathing when you need to bring stillness to your thoughts. Start by inhaling deeply, follow by exhaling with the same flow. Bringing your attention solely on your breath, feel your chest raise and fall while your lungs expand and deflate. If your minds starts to wonder with distracting thoughts, channel them by chanting a mantra of choice. Silently repeat the mantra over and over to yourself as you meditate, allowing the word or phrase to whisper through your mind.

For those who are new to meditation, it’s especially important to avoid distractions while practicing. Turn off the TV, your phone, and remove yourself from loud noises. You can listen to calming music or the sound of a small water fountain running. Your meditation space does not need completely silent. All you need is the ability to concentrate on yourself for how ever long you choose to meditate. You should try and meditate at the same time every day. This way your meditation will quickly become a part of your everyday routine and you will feel its benefits much more profoundly.

Join me everyday this week tracking your experiences with meditation. Let us know what benefits you have seen.

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30 Minute Workout

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Hey guys! Let’s get a 30 minute workout done to start our week off right! Here’s what I’ll be doing this morning. Join me and let me know what you thought about this routine.

P.S Don’t forget about your Protein shake…

Searching For Attention

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Browsing through Instagram yesterday; I came across a picture that got me thinking. How important is it to have meaningful relationships? By, not just dealing with people to seem cool, but having tangible relationships with them. I see so many people posting images, seeking attention for all the wrong reasons. Attention is a helluva drug. We all want it; but at what cost? Do we risk losing our self-worth or degrade ourselves for it? Humans need their ego’s boosted. We thrive off feeling important. You have to differentiate between meaningful attention vs. popularity attention. Ask yourself: what are you really gaining from likes from strangers on your exposed photos? Or, are you seeking likes to help boost your confidence?

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Focusing on if you get likes on your photos only weakens your confidence. “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, which means what you see as beautiful someone else might not understand your vision. Have people in your life that will support you and your dreams by helping you reach them. Not by showing off your body to strangers on Instagram for popularity. But, by pushing you to stay on the right path to reach your goals. If you’re seeking attention, try finding it through people whom are driven and determined to get success. Find friends that are working towards their dreams, so they can influence you to work towards yours. Be a positive influence in life by showing the world your achievements, not by revealing how great you look naked. Trust me ladies, men like women that’s driven with goals. Yes, they like to chase after women that come easy, but keep in mind. Easy come easy go.

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